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     Zhongshan Rnice Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 In March of the year, Yalesi Electric Appliance adheres to the business philosophy of “Quality, Professionalism, Honesty and Innovation”, focusing on the research and development of electromagnetic technology, persevering and advancing, and constantly improving. After years of efforts, it has gradually developed from a small processing enterprise to a professional electronic company. The R&D center is powered by strong new product development and production capacity. The perfect testing system and quality management system ensure the professional marketing center is the forerunner. It integrates development, production, sales and service into a large-scale professional life electrical appliance marketing manufacturing. enterprise.



Joining Prospects
Facing the wave of consumption brought by economic development and the change of life concept and hundreds of millions of business opportunities, Life Appliance is the most promising industry in the next decade.


Branded Advantages
Relying on advanced equipment, industry-leading product development and design, and rigorous and scientific management to provide consumers with quality first-class quality products


Brand support
Provide support for franchisees with brands, business technologies, products, etc.


Brand Combining
Professional creation excellence, 18 years of Yale, won the profession with focus, has a strong marketing team, innovative marketing concept, perfect after-sales service system


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